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Introduction to the Founders of International Tang Soo Do


 GM Hwang Kee Modern Tang Soo Do is heavily indebted to the late Grand Master Hwang Kee who founded  the Moo Duk Kwan (Korean Martial Art Academy) on the 9th of November 1945.
 Grand Master Kang Uk Lee (Dan #70)


Grand Master Kang Uk Lee (Dan #70), now 10th Dan and one of late Grand Master Hwang Kee’s most senior students, introduced Tang Soo Do to the United Kingdom and South East Asia in the early 1970s. His inspiration and guidance were instrumental in the increase in popularity and development of Tang Soo Do in Europe and North America.


Master Sean Bogaerts Master Sean Bogaerts (5th Dan, Dan#22931) is the only authorized Canadian Master Instructor for the International Tang Soo Do Federation, whose headquarters is in the United Kingdom. Master Bogaerts started learning the ancient art of Tang Soo Do from Grand Master Kang Uk Lee 30 years ago, while growing up in the UK.To view Master Bogaerts complete profile CLICK HERE